Sunday, 30 October 2011

Activity Zone- Energy in A Day

    Energy in a day
   1. List all activities that you do in a day.

   2.  Write the time and place,these activities are carried out.

   3. Identify the activities that use energy.Explain why energy is
       needed in these activities.

  4. Compare your list   with you friend.

Energy story:

 Mei Ling is eleven years old. She uses different forms of energy every day.She gets up at 6a.m..She likes to have bread for breakfast.Her mother prepares toasts for her. At 7a.m., she waits for a van to go to school. The van uses petrol.Mei Ling likes to study science at school.She and her friends go to the science garden to study about plants. At night ,Mei Ling does her homework.She uses her favourite lamp on her study table. Before she goes to bed,she sometimes watches television.

 Can you identify where and when Mei Ling uses energy in the story given.

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